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Are you thinking of upgrading your Chevy? At Steet Ponte Chevrolet, we bring you the newest Chevy Impala. It comes at an affordable price, a spacious cabin, and a unique design. Since the first generation, Chevy Impala has offered drivers smooth rides, and large spacious cabins. The full-size sedan comes with adequate performance and closely related to the smaller sized Chevy Malibu. It is more comfortable with new exterior and interior styling. The Impala has also made an impressive update on safety and technology features. The cargo capacity now holds more than what previous models would carry.


The Impala is available in three powertrain versions. The lowest of the three is a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine powering a total of 250 horsepower. Coming in second place is a 2.4-liter gasoline engine generating 200 horsepower. A V-6 powertrain in 3.6 liters can produce 305 horsepower and about 264 pound-feet of torque, the three powertrains mates with an automatic nine-speed transmission.The engines run smoothly and with more grants to get you across Herkimer in time. The Impala has gone ahead in performance, ranking itself with six-cylinder rivals. The V6 on a real-world MPG test scored excellently on a highway at 32-mpg.

Safety and Technology

The Impala safety features come loaded with the latest technology where you can find:

  • A Lane-departure alert system
  • A forward collision alert
  • Advanced blind-spot monitors
  • An alert cross traffic fitted on it rear taillights
  • A child lock
  • An adaptive cruise control

Interior Design

The Impala comes with a more attractive, spacious interior that is an ideal family vehicle for the Whitesboro area. The Interior is made of luxurious fabric to give a freshening design to customer preference. Soft-touch textures that pairs with leather extending to additional armrests, the dashboard, and the shifting knob. The dashboard also merges a faux-wood trim appearing more classic than its previous design. The optional white leather seat mates with a lovely plush cushioning that offer more support and comfort for long-distance adventures around Utica.

The Chevrolet Impala entertainment and connectivity has it all. You can expect some features such as Apple CarPlay, a wifi hotspot (4GLTE), and an Auto Android system that all come standard. The infotainment system gives you access to online real traffic navigation and streaming music when connected to the hotspot. Also, USB ports are located next to the infotainment screen, keeping you connected no matter where you go around Mohawk. A satellite stereo AM/FM radio pairs upgraded 11 speakers with a base system to keep you and your family entertained.

Exterior Design

The exterior design brings in some innovations where a lot of upgrades are visible. New exterior lines give the Chevy Impala a unique shape where the prominent grille displays the Chevy badge. The headlight takes a new profile, and the taillights come with an auto-dimming giving a convenient rearview. The pointless elevated pushes come in a streamlined design to reduce noise and adding more speed on every Ilion street. It is also available with a sunroof and rear spoiler with a slimmer design compared to the previous model. The wheels come in a new molding with top trim of 19-inch wheels.

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Visit our open auto mall today. We have a whole Chevy Impala lined up for you. Our prices are low, with offers ranging in all trim levels. You can visit us and book your online test at no additional charges. Our online hub is also open to link you with our customer service. At Steet Ponte Chevrolet, we ensure you walk out with the right car that suits your Little Falls lifestyle. Make a step today and join the Chevy driver club today.

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