The All-New 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe

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2022 Chevy Tahoe: The Room of a Minivan, the Power of a Pickup

The newest Chevy Tahoe at Steet Ponte Chevrolet in Herkimer, NY is about as multi-talented as your singing, dancing, colorfully-dressed child at the school play. When you measure the new Tahoe by inside room, it rivals that of minivans. In terms of versatility, it handles big-league chores a lot like a pickup. When it comes to the quality of the interior, the Tahoe comes with popular technology and a remarkably quiet cabin. Let us show you around.


The new Chevy Tahoe at Steet Pont Chevrolet offers three engine choices: two are of the eight-cylinder variety, one is a six. Until now, the extra-large Tahoe SUV was powered only by muscular V8s but there's a formidable newcomer. The standard 5.3-Liter engine pumps out 355 horsepower and the 6.2-Liter V8 has 420 horsepower. But the new six-cylinder diesel has unique strengths as you drive around Utica or Whitesboro, NY.

While the diesel has less horsepower than the other two engine choices, it produces 460 pound-feet of torque which is the same as the bigger V8. In addition, diesel engines are efficient enough to get exceptionally good fuel economy. While the V8s get up to 20 miles with every gallon on the highway, the diesel gets up to 28 highways miles per gallon. What's more, a diesel vehicle is more durable and lasts longer than a gas-powered model.


The previous Tahoe models were generous in terms of interior space but the newest generation makes those earlier models look small by comparison. In the past that third row was nice to have but felt a bit tight compared to the other two rows. With the 2022 models, the third row adds about 10 inches of additional legroom, so full-size adults can sit there easily. The whole family will enjoy the extra room on road trips from Little Falls or Ilion, NY.


You and your family won't be feeling either bored or cramped in the new 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe SUV. Up front, the driver gets a nice big 10.2-inch touchscreen with smartphone integration for both Apple and Android devices. That will give you simple, safe, hands-free access to your smartphone apps, allowing you to control music as well as directions to your destination using only your voice. You won't have to touch or even look at your smartphone.

The new Tahoe is loaded with inside charging ports, so you won't have family skirmishes in the two back rows to determine who gets to power up their device first. Everyone can stay completely calm and completely charged up. All three rows can enjoy the impressive power of a premium Bose sound system. The grand finale: A rear-seat entertainment system with two - count'em, two - display screens mounted behind the front seats.


Designers of the new Tahoe made an appropriately high priority of its advanced safety technology. One of the most reassuring features watches just outside your Tahoe to spot any vehicles moving into your blind spot, then alerts you to be aware of your new neighbor. Another system watches the lane you're in and tells you if you start to drift out of it. If so, the Tahoe can gracefully steer you back on course as you return safely to Mohawk NY.

Discover how much room and how much fun is waiting for your family

Go online to see our new inventory then research our new Chevy models in Utica, NY. Schedule a test drive soon and if you decide on the new 2022 Tahoe, you'd be wise to reserve it now. Find out how easily your family fits into the comfortable, powerful 2022 Chevy Tahoe at Steet Ponte Chevrolet in Herkimer, NY.

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